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Speed: 11(10)+d25(24)
Bets:0.51011956BTC Won:0.55412735BTC
Bribes:50 Payed:0.034BTC
Pending Games:6 | Pending Bribes:7
Games played: 51
Augmentations:Neural Implant, Mechanized Tail, Metal Claws
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(Games:51 | Balance:0.04412735)

Last Game:386

Server Time: 06:46 Sep 19
Last Race
GameID:386Date:2015-08-24 22:20:01
Roll:10+d21 t:1435943604
Roll:10+d21 t:1437938329
Roll:11+d25 t:1420988630
Roll:10+d21 t:1440443344
Roll:11+d24 t:1426584397

Reminder: A 4 level difference limit is in effect when matching games.
A level 1 rat cannot race against a level 6 rat. A level 2 rat cannot race against a level 7 rat. .. and so on ..
The order is not first came first served. It's from the lowest level rat to the highest when setting up games.
NO. Rat Level
1 1CEVgguXGbER5ojR3Vbp68bpj91s2AYzLy 1
2 1KiTjHsrpSCjfikkAXh5eefygvz1LEfYUN 1
3 14HHDBdcjidMCfNQ8YMD17mWLQLqFVD1Tr 3
4 13yocFc5RD3wCx79hu8bxuBkLTuAjgpT8H 4

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