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Speed: 10+d22
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Games played: 7
Augmentations: none
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Server Time: 07:11 Jul 16
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GameID:389Date:2018-11-02 12:00:01
Roll:11+d25 t:1465831251
Roll:10+d21 t:1541146187
Roll:10+d21 t:1541157562
Roll:10+d21 t:1540552332
Roll:10+d21 t:1435943604

You are in a prison with nothing to do all day. To pass the time and have some fun, you and your fellow inmates have thought to catch some rats and train them to run in races.
Each time your rat runs in a race, it will get some exp and gain levels. Higher the level, higher the speed and more races it will win.

To play you must send a multiple of 0.01 to the Bitcoin address 1DTiiobTw8LTFwCRoVVCg1gYeBfe4tzyHN. You must use only an address you can receive back the payment.If you send more, you will pay for more games.
Each race your rat will get tired and lose some health. The more sick and tired your rat the lower the speed he can reach. Give him some time off and he will recover each turn.
Each rat will win some BTC depending on the place he finishes the race.(1 - 51% of all bets, 2 - 51% of the remaining bets .. and so on. House does not keep a thing, not even a satoshi.)

If you do not want to wait, pay some bribe to receive some steroids, and your rat will run with full health and stamina. After the race, when the steroids wears off, he'll get back to his previous state and even lose some health and stamina like usual after a race.
A bribe for one game costs 0.001. Do not pay it separately. Pay it only with at least one game.
Valid payments:
0.011 - you pay for one game and for one bribe.In consequence your next game will be a bribed one.
0.017 - you pay for one game and for 7 bribes. You next 7 games, already submitted or that you plan to pay for them later, will be bribed.
0.124 - you pay for 12 games and for 4 bribes.
0.129 - 0.009 is a special bribe. You pay for max(12,9). In this case you pay for 12 games and 12 bribes.
Last place gets a free bribe.
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